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Technical Architecture Policies, Standards & Standards Recommendations
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This technical architecture function will plan and manage the introduction of new technology, and document the technology components of the state’s IT infrastructure to guide the development and delivery of all systems and services offered and managed by DET. The technical architecture documentation will provide a reference so government IT professionals have a consistent view of the IT infrastructure and the methods that DET employs to develop and deliver IT services.  The function will also promote the standardization of technology across the State of Wisconsin where appropriate.

Technology Architecture (Tech Arch)

DET Technical Architecture Presentation 2009

Enterprise Technical Reference Model

The Enterprise Technical Reference Model is a list of the Enterprise Standards within the State of Wisconsin. These standards apply to all Executive Branch agencies.

Technology Information

DET Business Model Summary

The DET Technology Stack has been replaced with the DET Business Model Summary. The Business Model Summary indicates, at a high level, the different types of service categories provided by DET and the layers of the technology stack that are utilized to deliver services to DET customers.

State of Wisconsin Mainframe Strategy

The mainframe strategy indicates how the State of Wisconsin is currently utilizing and plans to continue to utilize mainframe oriented technologies.

Strategic E-mail Analysis

The State of Wisconsin Enterprise E-mail Stakeholders requested a comparative cost analysis of the Enterprise E-mail system (Exchange 2007), an upgrade to Exchange 2010 and cloud computing solutions. This document summarizes the results of that request.

Technical Reference Model (TRM)

Technical Reference Model (TRM) is a component-driven, technical framework categorizing the standards and technologies to support and enable the delivery of different services by DET.

Tech Arch Review Committee

The Technical Architecture Review Committee (TARC) supports DET’s Technical Architecture function as the review and approval authority for additions, deletions and changes to DET supported IT infrastructure. 


These are the current recommendations on the technology items:

DNS, DHCP, & WINS Recommendation

ER – 04 V. 1.00, CIO Approved 12/01/2005
Domain Name System (DNS) service, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service, and Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) solution recommendation.

Network Management and Administration Tools Recommendation

ER – 06 V. 1.00, CIO Approved 12/01/2005
Network management and administration tools support tools recommendation.

Remote Access Recommendation

ER - 09 V 1.00, CIO Approved 07/24/2006
The Remote Access solutions team recommendation for remote desktop or command line access and console-level remote access.

Standard Definitions

Environment Standards Definitions

These definitions detail the type of environments that will be supported in the enterprise and how they will be used.  This information should be used to determine which environments a technology, service, or application will function within.

Naming Conventions

Server Naming Convention

NC – 01 R. 1.00, CIO Approved 07/24/2006
The naming convention for servers (Windows, Linux and Unix), appliances, and print devices.

Technical Offerings & Supported Technology 

Mainframe Supported Technology

This document is designed to help customers in creating supportable applications by conveying currently supported Architecture. This should not be distributed to vendors or be used in place of open dialog with DET on emerging customer needs.


Additional software outside this list may be supported by individual agreements with agencies.  

Technical Policies

Virtual Server First Policy

Server Lifecycle Management and Maintenance Policy

In order to more effectively manage the server hardware within the DET server environment this policy identifies the server management lifecycle and the type of warranties and maintenance that are purchased with each server. This will allow DET to better manage its server hardware purchases and create a bettertotal cost of ownership scenario for the services DET provides with the servers this policy supports.



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